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Lake Information

County: Peoria

Acreage: 8

Recreational Amenities

Boat Fishing? NO BOATS allowed

Boat Ramps? No

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

Picnicking? Yes

Camping? No

There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Lake Status Summary  ( Full PDF Report )

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Fish Status



A low density population is present up to 12 inches in length. The body condition of these fish was average.



The Bluegill population is present with a high density of fish up to 9 inches in length. The body condition and growth rate of these fish is just average. Aquatic vegetation control may reduce the density of these fish through predation by the largemouth bass. A reduced bluegill density should allow the remaining fish more food and improved growth rate. Thousands of bluegill fry were observed in submerged vegetation along the shoreline during the survey.



The Channel catfish population was sampled by 3 fish from 16 to 17.5 inches long. The average body condition of these fish was good.



The Largemouth bass population continues to be present at a high density of fish under 15 inches in length that have only average body condition. Aquatic vegetation control may allow these fish better access to eat the numerous small bluegills.



The Redear sunfish population was present at a low density, with fish up to 12 inches in length. The average body condition of these fish was good.

Location: Brimfield Lake is located in Peoria County on the south edge of town near the baseball field and Interstate 74.

Description: Brimfiled Lake is a borrow pit of 8.4 acres in size with a maximum depth of 22 feet. The majority of the shoreline is accessible to anglers. The water clarity averages over 10 feet.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: In 2019, a fall D.C. boat electrofishing survey was used to evaluate the fish population. The Brimfield High School Biology Class assisted with the survey.. Aquatic vegetation control was completed in the spring of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Additional Lake Information: All FISH - 2 pole and line fishing only

Species Size Limit Creel Limit
Largemouth bass 15 inches 1 fish/day
Channel Catfish 12 inches 6 fish/day
Bluegill and/or None None

Contact Information:
City of Brimfield
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, Rob Hilsabeck