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Fish Status

Black crappie are present in Lake Mendota but are in low density. The few Black crappies that do show up in samples have been of quality size and in good condition. Anglers have reported some good catches in the past year.


Very Good

The Bluegill population is low density in samples but the overall population continues to produce large bluegills in good conditions. The Largemouth and Black crappies are keeping numbers down, helping to produce larger individuals. The 2017 summer kill issues took out much of the 2017 Bluegill spawn, and the lack of Bluegill young of the year in 2018, supplemental Bluegills were stocked in 2018.


Very Good

Lake Mendota did have a history of a poor Largemouth population with poor to average growth. Regulation changes in 1992 to the current regulation have produced a quality Largemouth population. The 2018 sample shows a stable population with good numbers of fish at 15 inches. The summer kill in 2017 did not hurt the population and will continue to provide excellent fishing for 2019.

Contact Information:
Mendota Park District
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, David Wyffels